If you are anything like me, paying for flights is not your favorite pastime. In fact, it might be your least favorite pastime.

Also, If you are anything like me, searching for flights can spark an excitement inside of you that compares to few other levels of excitement (comparable to seeing your food coming at a restaurant, or seeing your favorite band in concert). No? Just me? Ok.

I think searching for flights is so exciting because it is your first step to embarking on what could be the adventure of a lifetime. But it could also be an underwhelming dud of a trip. Let’s not think about that.

But how to find that irresistible deal on a flight to that place you’ve always wanted to go? A deal so good that all of your excuses to stay at home are now null and void? I have some experience with this. And now I shall share my tips.

1.) Fly in the middle of the week.

Tuesdays and Wednesdays are the best days to board your plane. Thursdays-Mondays are popular trip days. People looking to take a long weekend will fly on Thursdays and return on Sundays. People who are working and are taking the ever popular business trip are going to fly out on Mondays and return on Fridays. Because there is typically more demand for flights on Thursdays-Mondays, airlines take advantage and jack up the prices a bit for an unavoidable profit. Days with lower demand are better flying days because lower demand equals lower prices. 

2.) Check mass airline company search sites

such as Skyscanner or Google Flights. These websites find the best possible deals on flights because they search every airline. They are easy to use. Simply put in your departure and arrival dates and destinations and search away! The prices go down like magic before your eyes.

3.) If you are an avid traveler, consider getting a credit card that gives you travel rewards.

The money can add up quickly! Every little bit helps.

4.) Try to book just under two months away from your departure date. 

47 days out is the ideal time to purchase tickets. conducted a study on flight booking money saving efficiency with a total of 1.5 billion airfares, and this is the number they came up with. And, when you do book, try to book on a Tuesday or Wednesday. 

5.) Don’t fly directly to your destination.

 Flights with multiple stops are far less expensive. And who knows? It could lead to a small excursion in a city that you never would have thought to visit at all.

6.) Travel when nobody else does

Traveling in the off season can be hard for many, but if you can, DO IT. This may be the biggest money saving flight hack of all. Hundreds and hundreds of dollars are slashed from your ticket price when traveling in the non-holiday months of the year. Essentially, try to travel during the months of February-May and September-October.

Remember, part of the adventure is the unexpected. Book away, travelers! You never know which trip could change your life. 


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